Performance Management for Managers and Supervisors

25 May 09:00 - 25 May 12:30
Room A2-14 - Ground floor, Annex Bocage 2
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Since the introduction of a new approach to performance management, this course has become outdated. Instead, UN Secretariat staff members can take a new PM Basics online course for FROs in Inspira. In addition, UN Secretariat staff members can register on UNSSC Blueline to get access to four Performance Management modules for staff and managers.  If you experience any difficulties accessing Blueline, please contact UNSSC directly. 

Course objectives

At the end of the process, you will be able to:

  • assess experiences with performance management and develop strategies to overcome obstacles/barriers;
  • develop work unit goals following a goal writing formula such as SMART criteria;
  • develop the work plan with staff members and reach agreement on goals, actions, competencies, values and development needs;
  • follow a model for reaching agreements for goal and competency achievement;
  • conduct collaborative meetings with staff members at mid-point review and end-of-cycle appraisal stages of the performance management cycle using a step-by-step approach;
  • continue developing performance management skills by utilizing UN resources.

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