Executive Management Programme

Course objectives

The UN System Executive Management Programme is a unique management learning experience tailor-made for UN managers across the UN system. It provides practical tools and knowledge to help address UN complex realities and deliver results effectively, both in challenging field locations and at headquarters.

Upon successful completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Create high-performing teams, by motivating and coaching staff, and supporting their career development. Monitor and evaluate staff performance and address under-performance in a constructive manner.
  • Translate overall visions into realistic goals, by planning strategically, implementing result-based management systems, mitigating risks, and managing resources and funds successfully.
  • Communicate effectively with staff, senior managers and peers. Build and maintain long-term partnership with key stakeholders.
  • Create an UN inter-agency peer network.

This programme consists of 3 phases (online, 360 and coaching, and residential workshop), follows learner-centered design principles, and applies adult learning, case-based learning and social learning theories.

  • Online: During the online phase (16 weeks), you can access the learning materials from your computers and/or mobile devices. You can participate in online discussions with peers and online mentors any time you like. It covers 9 modules on the areas of People Management, Performance Management, Communication, Partnership-building, Innovation (in collaboration with Google), Change Management, Financial Recourses Management, Strategic Planning and Executive Decision-Making.
  • 360 and coaching: The 360 assessment will help you gain insights of your own management styles, and the coaching session will help you translate learning into actions.
  • Residential workshop: The residential workshop focuses on the application of learning. You will work on authentic cases coming from your group, collectively address challenges and seek solutions. Professors and experts will facilitate the problem-solving processes.

Further information on the programme can be found on the UNSSC website.


16 weeks – online

5 days – classroom live instruction 

Target audience

All Second reporting Officers up to P5 who have never taken the Management Development Programme. 

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Second reporting Officers only (First Reporting Officers with no SRO role are not eligible)
  • Fixed term, continuing or permanent appointment
  • Up to P5 only (Directors are invited to apply to the UN Leaders Programme)

If necessary and due to limited availability, priority will be given to staff who:

  • Have the highest number of supervisees (as FRO and SRO)
  • Have the longest experience as SRO

The programme aims at 50:50 gender representation, as well as equitable Office/Department representation.

Note: As provided in ST/SGB/2018/4 this programme is mandatory for all staff with SRO functions.


Registration is done via an online application form. For any questions, please contact emp@un.org. 


The programme consists of an online component followed by a residential workshop.

Mandatory Training Catalog

Download the catalog.

Type of Delivery Format

Computer-based Learning

Live Classroom Instruction