Dignity at work: How to be assertive while maintaining an inclusive workplace (C3: Civility, Communication and Community)

Course Objectives

This workshop is being delivered across the United Nations by the Office of the United Nations Ombudsman and Mediation Services.

The course focuses on the connection between dignity and civility in the workplace, explores how communication enhances or undermines dignity, and invites participants to brainstorm on how to build work communities that support the notion of dignity. With a firm footing in the UN charter, the goal of the workshop is to illustrate a new dynamic of workplace interactions, provide participants with a language to describe this dynamic, shift mindsets towards civility and inspire participants to take concrete actions.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

  • understand how our beliefs about human nature can influence behaviour change;
  • realise that with respect for dignity, robust exchanges are possible in a discussion without bruising participants;
  • use effective tools to communicate that we value others;
  • apply Ubuntu in the workplace (caring about other’s wellbeing in a spirit of mutual support).


Target audience

All UN Staff Members


This course is organized by the “Centre for Learning and Multilingualism” in partnership with the “Office of the UNOG Ombudsman and Mediation Services”. 

Inspira Code


Type of Delivery Format

Live Classroom Instruction


3.0 Hours



Course Fee

USD 50.00