Understanding Diversity Dynamics in Organizations and How to Intervene

Course Objectives

Diversity is commonly thought of as something that individuals have, ignoring that diversity dynamics also characterize systems.  In this workshop we will explore the influence of a well-researched diversity dynamic, stereotype threat, in organizational settings and how it can influence behavior.  We will also explore how individuals can intervene in diversity dynamics to create more inclusive climates.

Key questions that will be addressed in the workshop include:

  • What diversity dynamics do you need to be aware of in organizations?
  • Can you recognize diversity dynamics when they are at play and intervene?
  • How will you motivate and engage everyone who you will work with – creating a climate of inclusion?

Specific goals for the workshop include:

  • Enhancing awareness of the role that stereotypes play in your work with peers and colleagues 
  • Developing a common language so conversations can continue beyond the workshop  
  • Acquiring strategies to combat the effects of stereotype threat in working together


Target audience

All staff members


Type of Delivery Format

Virtual Instructor-Led Training / eWorkshop


2.0 Hours