How to build resilience to protect yourself from life's challenges (eWorkshop)

06 Apr 10:30 - 06 Apr 12:00

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In these extraordinary times, when we face uncertainty and many unknowns, it’s important to work on ourselves and try to build our own resilience. This workshop is designed to help you enhance your well-being and mental health by increasing self-awareness and providing you with a space to reflect on and challenge your ways of thinking and behaving. 

We all react differently to challenging situations. We are often very hard on ourselves, focusing on our setbacks and the times when we have failed, rather than remembering our achievements. But how we respond to stress and the ‘bad days’ or moments is important because it can impact our mental health. Join us to learn how to recover from mistakes and better manage your relationships with yourself and others. Resilience means “bouncing back better” from life’s difficult experiences.

Target audience

All UN Staff


This training can be also organised at the request of a manager, i.e. to make it a team theme and not only a training for individuals.