Orientation and Development Programme for YPP

Course Objectives

The Young Professionals Orientation and Development Programme is a week-long session that provides information, guidance and training to support the career of newly recruited staff members who joined the United Nations through the Young Professionals Programme Examination. Young Professionals will also participate in the UN Mentoring Programme, whose objective is to help them in a range of situations and issues in their new workplace.

The objective of the five-day Orientation Programme is to:

  • broaden understanding of the work of the United Nations;
  • strengthen key skills in communication, collaborative negotiation and people management;
  • offer guidance and support for personal professional development and career planning;
  • start a one-year Mentoring Programme: establish a Mentor-Mentee relationship;
  • develop a network of colleagues from all parts of the Organization;
  • introduce you to current developments in the Human Resources Management Reform.

Target audience

Staff members at entry levels who passed the YPP. Enrolment upon nomination by OHRM


This course is only offered in English


Formation en salle de classe


5.0 Day(s)