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Learning in CLM is a wonderful experience! I truly recommend...

a colleague

...speaks about coaching.

My coaching sessions were focused on finding a support network as a new UNOG staff member and a new team leader. We explored this from different angles, with the coach asking probing, open questions. The reflection process was not always easy or comfortable, but the sessions always ended on a specific idea that allowed me to move forward. After a few sessions we agreed that we had completed our exploration but that I could get in touch with the coach if I needed her help in the future.  The non-judgmental process of coaching reduced my stress level, increased my self-confidence and allowed me to start working on what mattered to me.

Milasoa Chérel-Robson

...speaks about Lynda.com platform.

I have just created my account based on the new skills that I am interested in acquiring.
The range of possibilities is incredible! I am so happy that the organisation recognises the need for us to expand our horizons whilst remaining focused on the job at hand.

Daniel Sanderson

...speaks about Discover your skills...

A highly engaging workshop that shines a light on your personal strengths and values and explores ways of aligning your activities with what really gets you enthusiastic and motivated. Valuable for career and personal progression and for interview preparation. I felt very supported and enabled. Daniel Sanderson, UNOG.

Lorin Plescescu

...speaks about PHP writing.

I started the PHP writing workshop thinking that I already know what I should put in my PHP. Oh boy, I was wrong......Indeed, the knowledge accrued through experience (applying to different jobs), was valid but new information received with this workshop, made things even clearer. For example, did you know that you have to put all your training's or courses performed within the UN learning services in your PHP? I was not aware of that, always thinking that this information is automatically available or received when you submit a new application to the desired job vacancy. So, open your mind and take the leap in doing this workshop even though you might think you know everything about the subject. You'll be pleasantly surprised to learn new things, trust me, it's worth it! Lorin Plescescu, UNOG.

Matija Potocnik

...speaks about PHP writing.

I attended the PHP Writing Course in 2015. After 13 years on a UN job I decided I needed a career change. I was considering leaving the UN and given the fact that these days a lot of companies and organizations use competency-based recruitment I decided to attend the PHP Writing Course. I found the course interesting so I also attended the accompanying Interview Skills Course and I took advantage of the one-on-one interview coaching sessions, offered by the SDLS Colleagues. I ended up applying for another post within the UN system for which I was subsequently selected. I believe the offered advice is indispensable for beginners and long-term staff alike looking to begin or diversify their UN careers.

Matija Potocnik, Graphic Arts Assistant, UNOG.

Stephanie Loose

...speaks about coaching.

"The coaching session really helped me to find my answer to my specific questions - and see things in a different light. Speaking openly in a trustful environment about the issues I was professionally dealing with, was a great relief and extremely helpful for finding "my" personal answers and solutions and changing the perspective." Stephanie Loose, UN-Habitat, Nairobi.

Marit Nilses

...speaks about coaching.

I was privileged to take part in the one-on-one career coaching provided by SDLS/UNOG. The sessions were highly rewarding and I was impressed with the quality of the coaching and with the fact that it was offered on a one-on-one basis. Although I thought I knew quite well what I want, the coaching sessions helped me look at what I want and need from a job in a different way by focusing on identifying passions and drivers rather than looking more simply at the subject matter, kind of job and type of organization. I am sure this will help me navigate better going forward! Marit Nilses, UNCTAD Geneva.