UN For All - Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity - LGBTI

13 Dec 09:00 - 13 Dec 13:00
Room A2-1 - Ground floor, Annex Bocage 2
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Course Objectives

A half-day face-to-face module that explains the basics of sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression and other related concepts. During the session you can expect to hear directly from LGBTI+ individuals, and from UN leadership about what is expected from an inclusive workplace where dignity for all should be guaranteed. This module is an ideal starting point for workplaces that want to make improvements on diversity, or for those needing to work on issues regarding human rights and sexual diversity as per the mandate of the organization and the directives of the UN Secretary General.

Target audience

All staff


The course UN for All - Respect for Diversity is mandatory prior to take this course.