Estate Planning - for the session on the Emergency preparedness and financial readiness

02 Jun 14:00 - 02 Jun 17:00
Room XIV Building B (cinema room)
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Course Objectives

In an effort to enhance organizational support to staff and families the Emergency Preparedness and Support Team (EPST) communicates the importance of engaging in self-preparedness and informs us of the range of support mechanisms available within the Organization and through external institutions. The Personal Preparedness programme also underlines the importance of estate planning and encourages all staff to take stock of necessary and important documents and draw up other types of documents, such as will and power of attorney, to ensure that their wishes are carried on.

The workshop will enable participants to:

  • be briefed on the mechanisms of how and when the Organization may assist them in getting the help they need in case they are ailing physically, emotionally or financially following service incurred injury;
  • review the actions, duties and responsibilities occurring from an accident or the death of a staff member on duty;
  • through open discussions, become familiarised with what must be done during and after any critical incident.

As a result, staff members and the Organization can create a compassionate and empathetic environment in the workplace and for their relatives in case of crisis situations.

Target audience

All staff members at large in all levels