Practicing effective feedback and difficult conversations - Workplace atmosphere matters!

03 Sep 09:00 - 03 Sep 17:30

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Course Objectives

Do you want to become better at giving feedback? Or wish you would receive more feedback, but aren’t sure how to ask for it? Perhaps, you want to be able to handle a difficult conversation more constructively?

Whatever the workplace issue at stake – it could be addressing someone’s behaviour or work performance or receiving feedback that you disagree with – being able to approach feedback and difficult conversations constructively is a crucial skill for managers and staff.

This course will help you gain the skills and confidence you need to discuss workplace issues when they arise, including asking for, giving and receiving feedback more effectively. The workshops for managers and staff are very similar, and the main difference lies in the scenarios used.

Use the conversation skills you have learned, in all sorts of crucial conversations at work and in other areas of your life, from performance management to giving feedback to your loved ones.

Part 1: Feedback

  • learn or refresh their knowledge about best practice of feedback
  • practice asking for feedback
  • practice giving solicited and unsolicited feedback
  • practice receiving solicited and unsolicited feedback


Part 2: Difficult Conversations

  • learn or refresh their knowledge about handling difficult conversations
  • understand how to prepare for a difficult conversation
  • review tips to manage emotions more effectively
  • practice their conversation skills using scenarios


Target audience

All staff