Nonviolent Communication in the professional context for all staff members

24 Jun 09:00 - 25 Jun 17:30

Event information

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Course Objectives

Nonviolent Communication (NVC) in the professional context is for people who need and want to develop their emotional intelligence in their professional relationships. 
This training can be beneficial to all and particularly to people who hold a position requiring communication skills. 
The intent of this two-day training is to give concrete communication tools to be applied in daily professional relationships to live more fluidly and cooperatively. 
This also helps to maintain motivation and avoid burnout at work. 

The objectives of this training: 

  • Build and maintain constructive relationships thanks to concrete tools. 
  • Learn how to translate the resistance of your contact person/interlocutor. 
  • Identify and master the obstacles to communication and act on them. 
  • Deepen your ability to listen to yourself. 
  • Learn to express yourself without being aggressive and to listen without being offended. 
  • Develop a responsible and proactive attitude in relationships. 
  • Learn to give constructive feedback to motivate. 
  • Transform situations of disagreement or conflict into constructive dialogue. 

Target audience

All Staff and managers