United to Respect Dialogues: Preventing and responding to prohibited conduct

22 Mar 09:00 - 22 Mar 16:00

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Course Objectives

In a time of great disruption, Secretary-General bulletin ST/SGB/2019/8 on Addressing discrimination, harassment, including sexual harassment, and abuse of authority, addressing discrimination is more relevant than ever. Uprisings against all forms of bias are in the news. As we keep our distance, we also need ways to work better together; to be more engaged and respected. Global change begins with us – in our work teams and our daily interactions.

This new highly recommended training initiative is designed to inspire and empower UN Secretariat personnel to prevent, identify and respond to instances of discrimination, harassment, sexual harassment, and abuse of authority, in accordance with the new SGB on prohibited conduct (ST/SGB/2019/8) and supported by the United to Respect Toolkit: Promoting dignity and respect in the workplace. Most prohibited conduct begins as “small issues” – and we all must be responsible for and prepared to address these issues before they escalate.

During this workshop, you will:

  • Understand and apply Secretary-General bulletin ST/SGB/2019/8, which encourages bystander action;
  • Learn how to foster dignity and respect in the workplace, including responding well to “small” issues;
  • Get familiar with available resources, such as where to seek advice and support, and the United to Respect Toolkit.

Target audience

All UN Staff


This training can be also organised at the request of a manager who wishes to make the whole team aware of this essential issue, i.e. to make it a team theme and not only a training for individuals.