How to make better decisions at work and in life (eWorkshop)

30 Nov 10:30 - 30 Nov 12:00

Event information

This is the last part of a series of three webinars.
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Course Objectives

This workshop will help you improve your decision-making to reduce your risk of negative outcomes and increase your likelihood of reaching objectives. 

The reality is we make decisions in our professional and personal lives all the time, often without understanding how we make these decisions and the critical factors that positively or negatively influence them in our routines or under intense pressure.

This course will help participants understand and refine their decision-making process. We will use a fully immersive “learn-by-doing” approach that leverages the power of the collective mind as well as live scenario simulations.  We will explore how our core values, greatest talents and deepest aspirations can all play an important role in shaping our decision-making to align “what we do” with “who we are”.

Finally, we will use a group coaching format to learn from each other, address real life situations, becoming more effective, confident decision-makers who deliver better outcomes and a greater impact.

By the end of the eWorkshop, participants will be able to:

  • understand what factors influence decision-making;
  • describe their own decision-making process;
  • integrate new strategies and tools that improve decision-making;
  • feel more confident and clear about the choices they make;
  • make better decisions going forward leading to better outcomes.



The eWorkshop consists of 3 highly interactive online workshops, made up of practical exercises performed individually, in pairs and in groups. The workshops will be held over a period of 10  to 12 days, with participants asked to do some follow-up and/or preparation between sessions.

Target audience

All Staff