Building Resilience - Managing Stress (eWorkshop)

01 Dec 10:00 - 01 Dec 12:00

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  • Tuesday 29 September 10-12pm
  • Tuesday 20 October 10-12pm
  • Tuesday 17 November 10-12pm
  • Tuesday 1 December 10-12pm

In these extraordinary times where we face uncertainty and many unknowns about how long this pandemic will last and what will happen in the future it is very important to be resilient to get through this difficult period. This workshop is designed to help you enhance resilience by helping you to increase your self-awareness and provides you with space to reflect on and challenge your way of thinking and behaving. We all react differently to challenging situations. Resilience means “bouncing back” from those difficult experiences. 

We are often most critical of ourselves and quicker to show compassion for people around us. Self-compassion involves responding in the same supportive and understanding way you would with a good friend when you have a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself. How we respond to our own stress and challenges is important. Research findings indicate that self-compassion skills promote resilience and serves as a protective emotional mechanism. In this session we will discuss ways on how to be more kind to ourselves. 

The session will be interactive and there will be also a space for a dialogue and Q&A.


Each session will be two hours and this will include personal exercises and there will be also a space for a dialogue and Q&A. 

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All Staff