Discover your skills and strengths for your professional and personal development (eWorkshop)

Course Objectives

This one-day course provides you with a framework for reflecting on key factors in your career and personal development. It gives you the opportunity to gain an accurate and informed insight into areas to work on before you can make decisions and take action. 

Looking at what really motivates you, what is important to you, what you are good at and where you are most likely to thrive will help you determine who you are. Based on this knowledge you will be supported as you discover what you want in your professional life, what success means to you, and how you can start a process to get there.

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • have a clear understanding of your values, interests, skills and  strengths;
  • have gained insights into the kind of work and activities where you will be most likely to thrive and develop;
  • have identified your key ‘Job satisfiers’;
  • have generated ideas for your career and personal development.

You will have the opportunity to follow up any actions you decide on during the workshop with a trained career coach.  This is a good opportunity to help you follow up on your progress, and provide you with support to keep on track.

Target audience

All staff members

Inspira Code

LMS- 6331

Type of Delivery Format

Virtual Instructor-Led Training / eWorkshop


1.0 Day




Course Fee

USD 50.00