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Building Resilience – Managing Stress

03 Dec 09:30 - 03 Dec 17:30
Room A2-1 - Ground floor, Annex Bocage 2
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Course Objectives

How satisfied are you with your well-being and resilience in different areas of your life? The workshop is designed to help you increase your self-awareness and provides you with space to reflect on and challenge your way of thinking and behaving. We all react differently to challenging situations. Resilience means “bouncing back” from those difficult experiences. We will use stress management techniques to help you discover how best to reflect on your personal well-being action plan.

At the end of the workshop, you will:

  • assess your current degree of stress and how it is manifested;
  • review and assess different types of “stressors” in your life;
  • be able to analyse your levels of well-being in different areas of life;
  • learn how increased self-awareness empowers you to make more informed decisions in stressful situations;
  • be able to apply different stress management & resilience building techniques.

Target audience

All staff

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