Report writing for the Central Review Bodies

13 Jun 09:00 - 13 Jun 12:30
Room A2-1 - Ground floor, Annex Bocage 2
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Course Objectives

Do you need help in order to write a report for the Central Review Bodies? Would you like to know how to structure your report to make it effective?

Writing an interview report for submission to the Central Review Bodies is an integral part of the UN recruitment process. Hiring managers are responsible for providing the appropriate information in a structured and factual manner.

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • Discern between critical and unnecessary information for the report;
  • Present the evidence obtained in the interview in a structured manner, following the Context-Action-Result-Lesson learned (CARL) approach;
  • Avoid common mistakes that may lead to delays in the CRB approval.

Target audience

Hiring managers and staff writing reports for the Central Review Bodies


Prerequisite to participate in this workshop: having participated in the mandatory training “Competency-based Selection and Interviewing Skills for Panel Members” is required to participate in the course “Report writing for CR Bodies”.