How to Moderate Panel Discussions

27 Sep 09:00 - 27 Sep 17:30
Room A2-1 - Ground floor, Annex Bocage 2
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Course Objectives

The objective of the 1-day workshop is to provide you with tips and techniques that professional moderators use in order to moderate informative and engaging panel discussions. During the workshop you will discover what makes an excellent moderator, their role and responsibilities and how to manage nerves and build confidence.

At the end of the process, you will be able to:

  • Effectively prepare for a panel discussion;
  • Structure different panel discussion formats;
  • Open and close with impact;
  • Stimulate a lively and engaging discussion;
  • Handle challenging panelists and audiences;
  • Keep a panel to time and on track;
  • Moderate with confidence and conviction.

Target audience

Staff members who facilitate panel discussions


This course is organized on request only (for groups of maximum 6 persons). 

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