English: Administrative Writing Skills (UN II-III) - IN-PERSON

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Course Objective

The goal of this course is to help you write clearer and more effective everyday texts in the United Nations workplace.


In two-hour weekly workshops, you will discover useful tools and resources to improve the type of texts you write every day at work: emails, minutes of meetings, short reports, texts for websites or newsletters. Themes covered will include: using Artificial Intelligence to develop writer autonomy, Plain English, register, tone, set phrases, lexical issues and linking words. Relevant areas of grammar will also be reviewed, for example: tenses, active/passive, prepositions and articles.

Methodology / Approach

There will be face-to-face sessions supported by an online platform and tasks to prepare and consolidate workshop content including, a minimum of four out of six possible assignments.


You will be evaluated through: your attendance at workshops and at the coaching session, online participation and assignment completion.