Well-Being and Mental Health by UNOG Staff Counsellor’s Office (SCO)


The UNOG Staff Counsellor’s Office (SCO) in partnership with the Centre for Language and Multilingualism (CLM) is offering some activities to support staff in the area of well-being.


UNOG SCO is a reference and one of the main contributors to the issues on well-being and mental health in the workplace and provides services to staff of UNOG and 15 other UN agencies. All services provided by the office are available in both English and French and are fully confidential.


The SCO offers individual and group counselling sessions, trainings, webinars, and tailor-made and targeted workshops to address team concerns. The topics include the following:


- Mental health and psychosocial well-being

- Building resilience - managing stress

- Mindfulness and Meditation

- How to increase our sense of control?

- Tips to help cope with anxiety during COVID-19

- Adapting to business as usual and returning to the workplace

- Dealing with irritability in the workplace

- How to find purpose in our work when full time telecommuting?

- How to focus on the positive aspects of life during a pandemic?

- Building resilience with a focus on self-compassion

- Managing one’s energy levels

- Cognitive distortions: how to identify and challenge unhelpful ways of thinking?

- Emotional Intelligence in the workplace

- Cultivate resilience and adaptability for work and life


For any information regarding the organization of an event, please send a message to: staffcounsellor@un.org