CLM is pleased to announce the launch of Tandem!

Tandem is a free service that the Centre for Learning and Multilingualism (CLM) offers exclusively to its language course participants. With the help of this service, two students of different backgrounds and mother tongues can find each other, create a learning partnership and improve their language skills.
How to get started:  Follow the link below and upload your information as required in order to find a Tandem partner.
Steps to follow:
1. Go to
2. Login into Moodle (same username and password as for your language courses)
3. Self-register in the course with the following enrolment key: tandem
4. Follow the instructions
Please note that CLM is not  responsible for finding a Tandem match for you. With this interface, you are fully autonomous and can register/ unregister yourself at any time, edit your information, look for matches and contact them via the Moodle platform. However, in this start-up phase, if you do have any questions, you can contact for help in solving any problems you might have.
We are counting on you to make this free and easy language exchange project a success!