French: Views on the French-speaking World - Part 1 (UN III-IV) - IN-PERSON

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Course Objective

This course aims to develop your comprehension skills and vocabulary through the study of texts by authors from the French-speaking world. The course will cover 10 different writers each term: five men and five women.


Themes covered will be relevant to the UN context: society, history, human rights and the French-speaking world. The course includes literature from the French-speaking world and cultural elements. It also includes one individualized, oral or written presentation on a chosen piece of work.

Methodology / Approach

Discussions and authentic listening exercises will introduce thematic texts and the study of vocabulary in context. Each theme covered will include various oral and/or written activities.


You will be evaluated through: attendance at a minimum of eight sessions and completion of the individual project: a 10-minute oral presentation or a two-page written presentation.