English: Write, Edit, Publish (UN III-IV)

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Course Objective

In this course, you will learn how to write texts on subjects relevant to the United Nations for publication in newsletters, on websites or in the press. Sessions will focus on the production of texts that are clear, concise and correct as well as accessible and interesting to readers. The objective of this course is to write texts that achieve their purpose because better-targeted at their public.


This news-based advanced English course focuses on writing but calls on other English language skills too (reading, speaking and listening) to help you select, write and edit content for your readers and then publish it on a class blog. Themes covered in class will include good headlines, register and choice of language, structuring texts with topic sentences, consistency, effective copy editing, use of the passive, noun phrases, relative pronouns, linking words, tenses, acronyms and abbreviations.

Methodology / Approach

In editorial discussion sessions – the newsroom – you will review first drafts of each other’s texts, discuss their impact and try to improve them. Final drafts will receive peer-to-peer and teacher feedback. You will write four to six blog posts and have one 30-minute coaching session.


Minimum four blog posts and regular participation in the newsroom.