Mini-workshop: PHP Writing

Course Objectives

The overall goal of this workshop is to help you to understand and apply the basic principles of writing effective Personal History Profiles (PHPs), resumes and cover letters. Designed to be hands-on, this session provides ideas, tips and techniques to focus on the purpose of the PHP/resume, which is obtaining an interview.

At the end of this workshop, you will:

  • understand the importance of knowing your own skills and expertise when building your PHP;
  • recognize the importance of understanding the position in order to prepare an effective PHP;
  • know and apply steps to effectively present your qualifications and highlight your competencies and talents;
  • be able to focus your PHP, resume and cover letters to the job requirements or specifications.

Target audience

All staff.

Inspira Code


Type of Delivery Format

Live Classroom Instruction


0.5 Days




Course Fee