French: You have the floor! - 1 (UN III - IV)

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Course Objective

The goal of this course is to help you acquire and maintain oral fluency through exchanges and discussions between colleagues on current and varied issues (society, economy, culture, history, professional life...)


Each week, a fully "oral" lesson on a topical issue with the following aims: - use and enrich vocabulary to improve argumentation skills;
- develop public speaking and spontaneous oral interaction;
- use idiomatic expressions and words in the news;
- discover the French speaking world's treatment of subjects and deepen understanding of Francophone culture;
- participate and exchange in discussions, debates, simulations, role-plays and fun activities.

Methodology / Approach

This course will help you develop oral comprehension and spontaneous oral production:
- autonomous activities based on interactive videos on the theme of the week;
- unprompted oral production with personalised correction in accordance with your objectives.


For your oral production, you will receive personalised feedback from the teacher. Participation in a minimum of eight sessions.


Wednesdays + autonomous activities
12:30 - 14:00