Managing Teams in the Next Normal: From Disruption to Choice (eWorkshop)

Course Objectives

The objective of the workshop is to support managers in thinking about the disruption created by the pandemic in managing teams and identifying purposeful options about the workplace going forward.  The workshop consists of two 2-hour facilitator-led webinars, and participation in both sessions is mandatory.

By the end of the eWorkshop, participants will be able to:

SESSION 1: Understand and capitalize on their experience, by

  • Discussing COVID-19 implications on teams and flexible work.
  • Distilling lessons learned, opportunities and challenges of flexible work
  • Reviewing key concepts for managing teams in the new normal/post-pandemic context
  • Providing a platform to discuss the changes brought about by the pandemic and how they affected us positively and negatively and allow managers to share personal experience with the changes and how it affected them

SESSION 2: Shaping the future of our teams and our work, by

  • Reviewing frameworks to help participants prepare/adapt for the workplace changes
  • Reviewing the changing role, importance, and impact of managers on their teams
  • Allowing managers to discuss ways to adapt to coming changes, to define the future work space with their teams and to become enablers for their teams
  • Discussing how to shift thinking from "disruption to choice," identify steps managers and teams can take to move from a pandemic driven reactive mode to a proactive shaping mode of the future of work in their teams

Target audience

Managers of teams


2 half-day sessions

Inspira Code


Type of Delivery Format

Virtual Instructor-Led Training / eWorkshop



Course Fee