English: Advanced Grammar and Vocabulary Workout (UN III) - ONLINE

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Course Objective

You will revise advanced grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and syntax in an action-oriented way with the aim of becoming more accurate, fluent and natural in your language and communications.


The grammar and vocabulary points addressed are useful for both work-related and social situations. They include formal grammar, collocations and idioms, phrasal verbs and office jargon. You will consolidate your knowledge of advanced vocabulary and grammar in interactive online tasks, exchange in forums and do four assignments with feedback from the tutor. You will have weekly webinars to consolidate and check your learning, and a coaching session.

Methodology / Approach

You will have weekly online modules on Moodle and webinars, observe each vocabulary theme, grammar point, punctuation and stylistic topic in an authentic context, practise them with self-corrected exercises and use them in communicative contexts in the forums and during the webinars.


You will be evaluated through: course attendance at a minimum of eight webinars, particpation in the forums and online tasks, completion of four assignments and the coaching session.