French: Advanced Practical Life through French (UN III)

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Course Objective

The goal of this course is to help you improve your functional communication skills in French at advanced level.


The course will build your confidence in various everyday situations and teach you how to react appropriately: meeting people, social and cultural life, expressing feelings and disagreement, giving opinions and instructions, and participating in discussions and meetings. Through appropriate intonation and fine-tuning, you will develop your use of idiomatic expressions, and the course will improve your oral skills in various professional and social contexts.

Methodology / Approach

This course helps you develop spontaneous speaking skills: dialogues, simulations and role-plays, and commits you to practising outside of class. You will also work on a personal goal with assistance from the tutor. We will schedule an individual coaching session of one hour.


There is no formal evaluation. Completion requirement: attendance at a minimum of eight sessions. You will be evaluated through: investment in the achievement of a personal learning goal.