7 Habits for Managers

Course Objectives

The 7 Habits for Managers ® is an intensive, application-oriented learning experience that focuses on the fundamentals of great leadership. Whether you have been in your role for some time, are brand new, or are an emerging leader, this solution will equip you to effectively meet some of today’s most pressing leadership challenges.

During the 2-day workshop, participants will learn to:

  • Develop an “outcome-oriented” mindset in every activity you engage in: projects, meetings, presentations, etc.
  • Achieve the team’s highest priorities by organizing and executing around the most important goals;
  • Lead teams that are motivated to perform through shared expectation and accountability;
  • Create an atmosphere of candid and helpful feedback by taking time to fully understand the issues;
  • Demonstrate innovative problem solving by seeking out differences and new and better alternatives.

Target audience

Staff members with managerial responsabilities


Note that there is an extra cost of USD 200 for this course for all participants, please reach out to your learning focal point prior registering.

This course is delivered upon request by heads of department.

Type of Delivery Format

Live Classroom Instruction


2.0 Days




Course Fee


Materials Fee