How to deal with procrastination

Course Objectives

Do you struggle to manage your time? Do you leave the office feeling that you have not done what is on your to-do list? Are you overwhelmed by the number of emails in your mailbox?

At the end of the workshop, you will have:

  • Explored what gets in the way of being more effective at work and find some personal solutions.
  • Identified one to three things you will do differently and create a plan to help yourself succeed.

Target audience

All staff members


Prework (to be done before the beginning of the workshop):

  1. Review the 6 principles and 5 steps of effective time management.
  2. Measure own time for one to three days to bring to the workshop.
  3. Complete a short survey regarding own goals of attending the workshop and a major time management challenge.

Inspira Code


Type of Delivery Format

Live Classroom Instruction


1.0 Day

Course Fee