French: LPE Preparation - Oral Part (UN III-IV) - New exam format - ONLINE

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Course Objective

The goal of this course is to prepare you for the oral part of the Language Proficiency Examination (LPE).


The course includes an introduction to the new format of the three oral production and interaction tasks: react to a short article and answer a question; react spontaneously to a statement (UN theme) and a question without preparation; respond spontaneously to professional or social situations. It includes tests as well as regular practice in techniques and strategies for passing the exam.
This course can be taken alongside: LPE Preparation - Written Part (UN III-IV) - New exam format - ONLINE

Methodology / Approach

The course is based on authentic documents to trigger discussions and exchanges in class.
You will do a weekly practice task as autonomous work and have a 30-minute coaching session to analyse your progress and improve your oral production.


There is no formal evaluation. Completion requirement: attendance at a minimum of eight sessions + individual coaching session with the teacher.