Introduction to Coaching for Staff Members

Course Objectives

Coaching is a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires people to find the best way to achieve their goals and reveal their inner potential. For all staff it is an approach to feel more empowered, more prepared to deal effectively with change and face work challenges.

Introduction to Coaching for Staff Member is a series of 4-half-day workshops that will help staff members become more effective and engaged in their work environment and ultimately create a learning environment by adopting a “coaching posture”.

By participating in these workshops,you will learn to:

  • use coaching skills with your colleagues to solve problems and achieve goals;
  • identify and use the right skills and adopt a coaching posture needed for effective communication, such as asking powerful questions;
  • listen actively and facilitate a constructive dialogue;
  • apply coaching models to more effectively reach your objectives and increase your motivation and engagement.

All learning takes place in an informal, confidential setting and we offer opportunities for practicing the tools in small groups. Each session consists of a balanced mix of theory and practice and the trainers will present you the latest tools and concepts from coaching practice.
It is highly recommended that you register and follow all 4 sessions in order to gain a complete overview of the tools and to acquire the skills by applying the learning in your work environment from one session to the next.

Two professional coaches certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF) will facilitate the sessions that will take place on WHO premises. This is a joint initiative with two other UN organizations (WIPO and OCHA), each organization having 8 seats. We recommend that you attend all 4 sessions in order to get the maximum benefit from the program.

Target audience

All Staff Members


Duration: 4 half-day sessions

Course fee: $200 (not applicable to participants from WHO, WIPO, OCHA and UNOG)

Inspira Code


Type of Delivery Format

Live Classroom Instruction


4.0 Days



Course Fee