Management Development Programme - Part I

Course objectives

The Management Development Programme (MDP) develops the ability of mid-level managers to create an environment that will bring forth the best from others and that support accountability and authenticity. You will build skills to promote “system coherence” and enhance communication, manage change, develop people and teams, and deliver organizational results. It will include dialogue about the role of managers as leaders. You will create a learning environment together by working on real issues, building a network and exchanging best practices. The MDP aims to sustain these connections and ensure application of principles and experiences following the programme sessions. The MDP design includes two modules that are linked through an intersession/ application phase. The intersession phase features readings, an interview, coaching, and a team project.

Target audience

All P4 and P5 staff members


Registration is through Departmental Focal Point.


This is an off-site residential programme.


This course is only offered in English

Code d'Inspira



Cours en présentiel


3.5 jours