02 October 2014
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• SkillPort is the learning management platform for OHRM’s e-learning opportunities. 
    – self-pacing internet-based training 
    – complements the instructor-led training programmes offered by OHRM 
    – customized to the UN’s OHRM curricula and is provided by an external vendor, SKILLSOFT Corporation.
• Curricula is organized by subject-matter (e.g. UN Core Competencies) 
    – represented by folder icons that contain sub-categories or the actual training programme 

                Courses in the Curicula
                • Business Skills 
                         1300+ English titles 
                         1,900 titles in other languages
                • IT Desktop 
                         400+ English titles 
                         500+ titles in other languages
                • IT Professional+ 
                        1,700+ English titles 
                        600+ titles in other languages

                What can I do with it?
               • Play or download a training programme 
                        3,000 courses 
               • Read books 24x7 
                        15,000 book titles 

                What's in for you?
               • Self-pacing 
               • No eligibility requirements 
               • No need to justify relation to job 
               • Develop area of expertise for future career growth 
               • ePAS (discuss with your supervisor) – Continuous Learning Competency

Target audience:
All staff members from these organisations can acces to UN-SkillPort

 cepal.org  eclac.cl eclac.orgirinnews.org  ohchr.org  un.org
 unctad.org  uneca.org  unece.org unep.ch  unep.fr unep.org
 unhabitat.org unic.org unmis.org unjspf.org unlb.org  unodc.org
 unog.ch unon.org  unoosa.org unsoa.org unvienna.org 

You need to have a login id. If you don't have one, click here to get access.

To access to Un-SkillPort click here. (Use either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox)

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In both English and French
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if you have any questions.
Calendar of Activities
18/10/2012  -  18/10/2012 10h00 -  16h00
Presentation of UN.Skillport at the HR Open Day. Room 9 Présentation de UN.Skillport lors de la journée porte ouverte des Ressources Humaines. Salle 9
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